Style, flair and one dapper hare

Style, flair and one dapper hare

Hazendal is the brainchild of the farm’s first owner, Christoffel Hazenwinkel. A spirited gentleman with a flair for risky entrepreneurial business ideas. The farm started as a cattle and grain holding before Christoffel envisioned it being the home of spectacular wine. His wine-producing endeavour paid off as Hazendal is well known for being one of the first independent wine producers in the world-famous region.

While we are unable to visit Hazendal’s tasting room right now or enjoy the fruits of their labour delivered straight to your door, you can browse through their wine list and create your very own wine lust-have list until we can order online again. Choosing from a variety of their expertly blended wines, their crisp Blanc de Noir 2019 which promises a flavour burst of strawberry on the palate with nuances and undertones of nectarines is a firm favourite.  

I got to try their medium bodies refreshingly mature White Blend 2018. Green melon and grapefruit filled my palate with every swirl. A relaxing afternoon drinking wine that I enjoyed with a cheese platter while lounging on my couch flipping through magazines. 

But my favourite would have to be The Red Blend 2018. With complex plum and dark berries filling my mouth with previous winter memories flooding through my mind. An elegant wine that seems to be almost magical, as if they managed to pull a rabbit out of a hat. We could not wait to enjoy this wine although I think it could have been left to age if you, in fact, do have the patience. We enjoyed it alongside grilled robust lamb chops. The thick-cut lamb chops were perfectly pink inside and created an edible ode to this wine that is made truly remarkably. 

Let’s continue to support local during this really difficult time. It is important that we continue to remain grounded in our roots, much like the vines that produce these exceptional wines.

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Megan Pedro

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