Spectacle World making us all better looking

Spectacle World making us all better looking
There’s no doubt that we’re now spending more time behind a screen than ever before, from computer screens, TV screens, and mostly our cellphones, our eyes are constantly focusing, and adjusting to documents, images, colours and videos, all in high definition. Our eyes have never had to work so hard.
With all the advances in technology and us spending more time glued to our screens it’s never been more important to pay attention to our inner eye healthy, the core of our vision, and how well our eyes work. 

Spectacle world finds the perfect blend between eye care and styling, adding flair to functionality turning spectacles into a styled fashion piece that also aids eye care. 

For many years spectacles were seen as a functional piece of eyewear with a single purpose, to help us see better, but the truth of the matter is with something positioned right on our faces, it’s the first thing people see when interacting with others. 

Spectacle world understands this and doesn’t end their consultations with an eye test for lenses, the whole process includes skin tone matching, complimenting frames that better suit the shapes of our face, giving new meaning to the term “framing” all done in an elite styling room. 

With a range of comprehensive eye exams, you can feel completely at ease and taken care of. The optometrists at Spectacle World are well versed in eye health and use a wide variety of tests and procedures.

I last had my eyes checked when I was 11 years old so I was definitely due a test. I feel completely comfortable in Adele’s hands as she walked me through everything I needed to know about eye care and preserving my vision as I work behind a computer and cell phone screen. Lifestyle really does play a huge part in your eye health and each of the optometrists take a keen interest in who exactly you are to provide the best care possible.

After a brief style questionnaire, the fun really does begin. This styling room aims to find the perfect spectacles, a pair that not only match your unique skin tone, face shape and features but also your personality, style, and lifestyle, changing the idea of what spectacles used to be and highlighting the fact that they should be seen just as important as a statement piece of jewelry that just happens to aid your eye site.  

The bespoke consultation focuses on finding the perfect frames for you using world-class eye care practices and their knowledge of couture and fashion trends trends, featuring the biggest brand names in fashion and local brands taking the next step in spectacle frame design and technology, one such brand is David Green, Green by name, green by nature focusing on innovation and sustainability. 

Every David Green piece is a one-of-a-kind, as unique as your finger print. Inspired by nature, his frames are made using actual items sourced from nature like leaves, wetland reeds, mother of pearl and other organic raw materials. Along with the innovation and great design each frame fits as if it’s been specifically created for your face. Lightweight and comfortable, you’d be forgiven for forgetting you’re even wearing frames.

Just like Spectacle World, David Green focuses on the individual pairing them with the perfect frame. There’s no reason to just settle on a standard pair of frames, in a colourful and beautiful world there’s never been a better time to embrace design and fashion for your ideal pair of spectacles. 

My husband, Clem Pedro has been wearing spectacles since 2006. With a keen sense of mens fashion, combined with his job of cooking on TV, he needed a pair of frames that are both stylish and practical. Clem meet Spectacle world…

After a few moments looking through the styling trends, he was matched with a gorgeous pair of David Green spectacles. Lightweight Japanese titanium form the beautiful one of a kind frames while locally sourced wild reeds have been pressed into them to add another detail of fine style.

Spectacle World takes eye care to the next level with its unique approach to inner eye health and fashion. Each consultation is unique and allows you to showcase and embrace your individual style while taking care of your eye health. Book your consultation today and enjoy the new forward thinking world of stylish eyewear and perfect eye care. 

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