Serious Eye Candy at Spectacle World

Serious Eye Candy at Spectacle World

Two weeks ago I went for my first styling consultation at Spectacle World. Having never worn spectacles before I was guided through a detailed eye exam with the expert optometrists at Spectacle World. After just a week and a half I was called back to collect the frames that were perfectly matched to my style profile, personality and eye health needs.

Each frame is selected and made especially for the new owner. Fitted with your prescription and all of the specifications, all that is left is to test the fit. My styling optometrist, Ryno Van Dyk (Optical Lab Technician / Senior Optical Lens Consultant) made sure that my brand new frames fit like a glove.

Laura Ashley eyeglasses eyewear is designed for the females of today. Styles feature subtle floral prints and beautiful cloisonné temple treatments, providing wonderful elegance. All Laura Ashley items, including Laura Ashley eyewear and Laura Ashley glasses, are authentic and brand new.

I completed my look with a beautiful statement gold spectacle chain, perfect to add a little sparkle to any outfit whilst being practical.

I absolutely adore my brand new spectacles. Although I have 100% vision, Adèle Camaren (Director / Optometrist) made me aware of all of the things that contribute to deteriorating eye sight over the years. A huge part of my job is sitting behind a computer, phone or camera screen and with the specialised blue light blocker I never need to worry about straining my eyes.

Thank you to the incredible team at Spectacle World for add a dash of sparkle to my wardrobe whilst protecting my eye health.

If you would like to book a styling and frame consultation or eye exam, please click here.

So go out there and make a SPECTACLE of yourself and keep an EYE out for more news and styling mood boards. These puns couldn’t get cornea haha. 

Megan Pedro
Megan Pedro

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