Painting the Winelands Red

Painting the Winelands Red

Nestled in between the rolling hills and perched on one of the best vantage points overlooking our beloved Cape Town is the affectionately loved Kunjani. Driving into the property you are greeted by a smiling team who are bursting with love and excitement for the property. Lead by husband and wife team, Paul and Pia, you are instantly drawn to their passion, love and absolute drive for their Kunjani family. German born Paul has wine pumping through his veins and grew up on his father’s vineyards along the famous German river surrounded by European castles and landmarks. After meeting at a mutual friends wedding and not being able to communicate besides uttering the words “hi, how are you” their love story instantly began and the sentimental beginnings of Kunjani quickly cemented their love story.

It took just two minutes from the car to the table before we were greeted by Carmen, a true Kunjani icon, and felt like one of the furniture at Kunjani. Her bubbly enthusiastic nature encompasses everyone and makes every experience a great one. We instantly felt like family with a glass of Kunjani’s chilled sparking wine in one hand and exchanging stories with Paul and Pia into the late afternoon as the sun began to set.

There are four self-catering cottages on the Kunjani property. Affectionately named after four of the Kunjani wine varietals/labels, you can either stay underneath the restaurant in the spacious Stolen Chicken villa or at either Merlot, Cabernet or the Shiraz Villa’s. Equipped with absolutely everything you would ever need for a wine filled weekend of bliss.

We stayed in the double story Shiraz cottage. With uninterrupted picturesque views across the sprawling Kunjani vineyards, there is truly no better place to lounge around and relax. The perfect sundowner spot with a glass of your favourite Kunjani label in hand once you have unpacked.

The restaurant at Kunjani is open for breakfast and closes after lunch service at around 4pm, however you can order and platter and enjoy the perfect accompaniment to your crisp cold glass of wine into the evening. There are also braai facilities which we took full advantage of.

Waking up the next morning, the air felt crisp and serene. There is something different about waking up in wine country, it is instantly relaxing. Kunjani is nestled between rolling hills and perched up high above the famous Stellenbosch wine route. It is peaceful while still being central to your other favourite wine country hot spots.

Carmen and Chef Lamek enjoying a food and wine chat in the beautiful tasting room while we sip and enjoy the Kunjani labels before lunch.

Kunjani, the people and even our new furry friends that so passionately make you feel at home have captured our hearts and as we drove out, passing the vineyards, with the bright red iconic sign in our rearview mirror we realised that this was more than just a wine escape, we made true friends that weekend, and a little of our hearts will always be at this very special winery. So if Kunjani is a question, the answer will always be “happy to be here.”

Megan Pedro
Megan Pedro

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  1. 5th May 2021 / 1:31 pm

    Dear megan

    What a lovely lovely lovely review of our venue and facility. Absolutely loved reading it and the pictures are also so beautiful. You capture things really well.
    Thanks you.

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