The Hottest spot in Cape Town – Lily’s Restaurant

Lily’s is the latest hot spot to hit Moullie Point’s beach front restaurant strip. Nothing like its well established neighbours, it offers unique items on the menu this is definitely proves why it is THE latest place to be in Cape Town.

With its absolutely gorgeous interior and thoughtful trimmings, the smiling staff are just an added bonus. Situated across from the crashing waves on the beach front, you have the option of sitting inside or outside and both areas can be enjoyed come rain or shine.

The cosmopolitain hustling and bustling environment offers you the perfect location for a girls brunch, a date night or breakfast with the family on a sunny Sunday morning in the mother city.

The wood, gold and white colour scheme runs through the restaurant as if Cinderella’s very own fairy godmother added her fun loving touches to the cozy space. Homely finishes such as chalk labelled mason jars filled with oats, sugar and pickles line the ceiling alongside the remarkable wine wall that displays the classic favourites on the menu. With a wine to suit any occasion I am sure you could pair your meal accordingly.

We were seated at the centre of the restaurant, my claustrophobia began to set in…until our waitress (Jane) came over and with a warm welcome seemed to make us feel as if we were the only two people in the room.

The menu is a surprisingly adventurous mix of classic family favourites with many unexpected healthy twists, my absolutely perfect idea of brunch.

From smoothies, healthy juices, classic cocktails…the list really does go on…

With a menu this decadent, as you can imagine I was left feeling that a tasting a few of the favourites would have to be the only way to get myself out of this scenario. Not often do you enter into a restaurant and want to choose everything on the left and right of the menu, but I really wanted to at Lily’s.

Jane offered some very insightful information and shared some of her favourites with us…we were left in her very capable hands…

Word has definitely gotten around that Lily’s is in fact the latest IT Spot to hit the beach front if you aren’t too keen to venture around the shore line to some of the long standing beach front favourites in Camps Bay, and who would want to now with this gem around the corner from the V&A Waterfront. Its like having your cake and eating it too!


The restaurant is open plan and offers the opportunity to witness and take on the energy from the kitchen, foodie or not. The breakfast menus hanging like the last remaining remanence of the successful morning shift while I headed over to join the chefs at the pass.

The professional brunch folk would have had years of practice of clinking their glasses as they ignore an open plan kitchen behind them, me on the either hand wanted to take on that spirit and see what was happening…

The energy was palpable, the sound of the bell when an order was ready, the shuffling of the runners feet picking up the next plate of piping hot food, the ticket machine printing the next order while flames on the oven, oil bubbled away and the shaker lightly dusted each plate on the pass as a sign of it being ready for collection.

And before I knew it…our order was next…

Our starters had arrived at our table…

Im going to let you have a look and drooooool…

The selection of starters
Lily’s signature – Salmon fish cakes with Wasabi Mayo and Apple Slaw
Beetroot and Goat Cheese Flowers
Beetroot and Goat Cheese Flowers
Beef Carpaccio made in house with thick sliced Parmesan and Guacamole

A glass of Chenin Blanc suited these three remarkable starters perfectly. Each a star in their own right. The beetroot and goats cheese flowers with toasted pine nuts is a vegetarians dream, not only pretty…its INSANELY DELICIOUS too!

The salmon fish cakes…well…I could have licked the wasabi mayo off of my place with a spoon and the beef carpaccio was one of the best I have ever had. Cured to absolute perfection and seasoned perfectly…WOW!

After gathering our thoughts and chatting over the highlights of the meal so far, the main was definitely something to look forward to. With a fun selection on the menu I was stuck between and rock and a hard place when it came to deciding between the Southern Fried Chicken or the lamb…but Jane swooped in and saved the day again with her recommendation.

The main course arrived and it was as mouthwatering as it looks. Winter often means comfort food, but Lily’s gives you the comfort factor without making you feel like you are have to skip their sinful list of desserts.

The sesame crusted tuna was seared to perfection and it was served on a bed of coconut rice with edamame beans with my favourite wasabi mayo again…yum!

Sesame seared Tuna steak with coconut rice

The lamb popsicles was juicy and ultra tender with classic weekend favourites, baby potatoes and red wine to accompany haha.

Lamb Popsicles with sautéed baby potatoes and olives

After a culinary journey we decided to take a break as we took in the view and atmosphere. I liked that although we were seated for about 3 hours now, not because of a long wait for food…rather a relaxed early afternoon enjoying this beach front jewel, we saw how many other families had been sat for equally as such time enjoying the weekend leisurely.

Topping off any great meal..dessert. Not just any dessert…wait for it…are you ready…toasted marshmallow ice cream…yessss…thats right…I said it!

S’mores cup with toasted Marshmallow ice-cream
Death by Chocolate with Caramelised popcorn

As we began to wind down for the afternoon, and who could blame us after those incredible desserts…it was evident that the lively buzz wasn’t about to die down for the afternoon. The kitchen staff came out with even more of the restaurants classics and I managed to lift my camera up enough to take a few more snaps of the deliciousness pouring out of the kitchen…

I would highly recommend Lily’s for any occasion, as the food and atmosphere is definitely a welcomed addition to the classic favourites along the beach front and offers just another seaside look out onto the beach walk to admire the gorgeous location we live in.

Breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner…any time is Lily time.

If you would like any more information you can visit their website by clicking this link:  and as always…


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