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Have you ever taken part in a Hint Hunt? Have you ever been stuck with where to dine or what you were craving that evening? I often have this problem as I either feel like I could devour all cuisines in one sitting or the looming problem of not knowing what protein to begin my dinner quest off with. 

Introducing Feastfox

A completely spontaneous eating out app that offers you a list of restaurants, bars and cafes in and around your area, and if you are lucky you can even manage to get a discounted amount off of your table. Provided that you are in the specific time limit, usually 30 minutes. This shouldn’t be hard because it marks the restaurants around you to ensure you are never booking at an establishment that will take a longer time.

The brown pins are the regular spots and the orange pins hold special discounted treats for you to enjoy.   

The Hint Hunt began with a group of us meeting at The ever so stylish Twanky Bar at the Taj Hotel for an evening of decadence. The old world dim lights, marble counters at the bar and leather bucket seats created the perfect ambiance for the evening. We viewed an introductory video while sipping on our signature cocktails for the evening, the Fox.  

We got our phones out and began playing around on the app. Little did we know that a special surprise lurked around the corner. 

Making our way over to the trendy marbled bar led by the sounds of drinks pouring and glasses clanking,  we were given a special exclusive invitation. Little did we know that we would be using the app to book our dinner.  

Our invitation read, House of H! Clem and I both looked at each other in excitement as we began using the app to book our table. As we saw the clock on our table in the Feastfox app began counting down from 30:00 to 29:59 to 29:58 etc…we enjoyed the last of our drink and off we went. Our first Hint Hunt type experience. 

Luckily we were just around the corner in Strand Street, we arrived at House of H in record time. From the street the sounds of people laughing led us straight to the humbly marked restaurant. Walking up you are met with the hostess that briefly explains the self controlled menu system before you are handed cards on lanyards that you would cash in at the end of the evening.

No waiters mean no bullshit, is highlighted in bold on the board. You interact, you choose your meal, you swipe and you chow down. 

Led down the corridor by the friendly hostess was like I was Dorothy walking down the yellow brick road to a magical land that awaited. The converted parking garage has completely been transformed with neon signs, raised planters, copper lamps, painted containers acting as a room divider, chalk boards with daily specials and the displays of local artists and their crafts. 

We were sat at our table and as the welcome board stated…we dropped our things and went up to the counter to pick the dishes we would be devouring. The app buzzed and reminded me that we had arrived at the table in the time frame allocated. 

Following the incredible smells wafting through the air it was a good idea that Heinrich (the man behind the H in House of h) had when he moved over from his long time since 2004, well reputable mark at the Madame Zingara group. 

Luckily for us after being head hunted to work at some of the UK’s best restaurants he made his way home and started House of H. The King of Meat plays with different cuts of beef regularly and sources only the best from local farmers. 

If its not good enough it is not going on the menu, explains H’s right hand man Saville Louw who over sees the pass and is incredible at interacting with each and every guest making you feel like your the most important person in the room. 

We walked over to grab a few drinks while trying to choose from the items on the menu. All I can say is…Come Hungry!

If you are a meat lover than H has some incredible cuts that he dry ages and cooks down himself. Watching the steaks being cooked to order on a vintage coal burning grid it was a no brainer that steak would definitely be on the cards for us tonight. If you are vegetarian you would definitely not feel left out, a towering Oyster mushroom burger is cooked over the open coals and enjoyed by meat eaters alike. We picked our steaks, we swiped and to make ourselves feel less guilty about our mountains of meat heading our way we made our way over to the salad bar. 

We opted for the small salad, but a huge bowl was handed to us and we were told to fill it with as many options for only R70. 

A variety of fresh salads everyday
Southern Fried Chicken Wings as an Appetiser
Perfectly cooked Steaks and Crispy Fries with Homemade Sauces
My 300g Rump Steak with Fresh Salsa Verde and Crispy Fires

Cape Town unite! Lets give these guys a hand because they are honestly doing SO MUCH right! Thank you for the incredible hospitality that we received from H, Salville and the Team. The passion is palatable and I can’t wait to visit again soon!

Although this was a media invitation, all the opinions expressed are my own. The photographs were taken for the exclusive use of this blog post to highlight the evening’s events. Many Thanks to Feastfox and House of H for an amazing evening.  

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