Behind the scenes of a Food Stylist

Growing up we are asked what box we want to fit into, are you clever enough to be a Doctor, are you kind enough to be a world peace activist, are you compassionate enough to be a vet or creative enough to be an Events planner? I grew up dancing about 3 hours each day so I should have been destined to be a ballerina…shouldn’t I?! I think my story is quite unique…I am the ballerina that found the world of food (haha) and fell in love with the ability to take something so humble as an onion from our vegetable drawer and create the base of an authentic spiced lamb curry…it stills sends shivers down my spine.

Today I am so incredibly lucky to be doing a job that truly encompasses my passion for Food, Wine, Travel and Art.

I am a Cape Town based Food Stylist and have been on some elaborate sets creating dancing jelly’s, spray painted meats to have them look glossy and beautiful under harsh photography lighting and firing up my heat gun to melt the perfect slab of cheese over a burger to make it look it’s very best before we take the first snaps.

People often ask me why Food? I think of myself as a makeup artist for food and my simple reply is, “food doesn’t move, it doesn’t have a manager responsible for its every move and I get to enjoy it afterwards.” Thats if I haven’t sprayed it in oil, glycerine or paint.

Its the ability to take an everyday fruit or vegetable and make something amazing from it, new recipes to inspire the mom at home who is desperately trying to find new ways to disguise the hated 5 a day from her kids, its for the love of food, its for the creative amalgamation of food and wine as a pairing made in heaven, about walking into a store like Vida e Caffe and seeing my images on the scenes, recipe cards, menu boards and being proud…there are so many reasons.

This series will be a behind the scenes look at what I do as a Food Stylist. I am so excited to be sharing this with you. If you would like more information or would like to get in touch with me and find out more you can send your questions to me on the Contact Me page and I look forward to chatting further.

Until then, HAPPY EATING!

Megan Pedro
Megan Pedro

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