Putting the ESSE in Essential

Putting the ESSE in Essential

Facials, massagers, steam rooms and treatments used to be a regular treat. Before the pandemic I would spend one day a month venturing out to enjoy a day off the grid while pampering my soul. It has been almost 18 months without a fun filled day relaxing at a spa, however I can confidently say that Lyftaal in Paarl is the best day spa I have ever been too.

A converted homestead in the heart of Paarl, Lyftaal is a home away from home. The gorgeous interior complements the beautiful people that provide the most exquisite services and treatments while implementing the strict COVID safe protocols to ensure everyones safety.

After the screening, to ensure you are at your most relaxed state, you are welcomed with a warm cup of proudly South African tea. Rooibos is steeped with Buchu and Cinnamon Quills and provides the perfect warming and soothing tea to begin your relaxing day at Lyftaal.

I then made my way to a private changing room before my 30 minute steam. It is always a good idea to steam before any treatment. Some of the benefits include clearing congestion, improving skin health, Lowering blood pressure, improving circulation, easing bronchitis symptoms, workout recovery, relaxation and lowering joint stiffness.

Thirty minutes before my arrival, the Lyftaal team prepped the private steam room for me to enjoy before my Esse treatment. The private steam room allows you to steam alone (you do not need to wear any clothes but disposable underwear is provided if you require,) alternatively there is a double steam room for couple treatments.

Laid out on the sink counter was a body scrub, moisturising aromatherapy sugar-scrub which transformed my skin while I lay in the steam room. Set at a comfortable temperature, this provided a full relaxing experience before the other treatments offered at Lyftaal.

Feeling renewed, revitalised and completely relaxed I was shown to one of the beautifully calming treatment rooms. With a neutral palate, light shades and tranquil surroundings, I knew this was going to be an unforgettable experience.

I was recently introduced to the Esse product range. For the last two years I have spend a lot of time researching skincare and take pride in my self care routine. For me it is a time to put back into myself, much like we need to eat and sleep, I enjoy the 1 hour a day to pamper and intentionally and thoughtfully pamper my skin.

Esse is revolutionary in its probiotic skin technology and it is instant. We began the treatment with a gentle…

If you follow my Instagram stories, you would know that I am a HUGE believer in the Gua Sha stone and its many many benefits. I have been using mine for almost 1 year now and wish I knew about this miracle stone years before. I was an instant believer in the Esse technology when I found out that the Gua Sha and stone healing formed a part of their treatments.

My skin felt clearer than ever before, it felt intensely moisturised and glowing long after my treatment. There is nothing better than the feeling you have after a facial, and the Esse Experience at Lyftaal has forever changed my outlook on what my skin needs.

I relaxed with a specially formulated Esse tea while soaking up the whole experience.

Esse is an exceptionally special product which has truly revolutionising skincare. Their ethics and mission statement is something to truly be admired and I do hope many more companies will walk in their foot steps.

This is truly the treatment that your skin has been missing. Book your treatment today and enjoy the beautiful spa that is Lytfaal with the revolutionised Esse products.


All of the above photography were taken by the Author, Megan Pedro. This experience was gifted, however the treatment and products were in no way hyped up for the benefit of this article. All the opinions in this article are genuine by the author, Megan Pedro.

Megan Pedro
Megan Pedro

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