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When the suns out in Cape Town it seems to be a day to roam the countryside. I love being a tourist in my own city and discovering the new hidden gems. A comfortable 45 minutes out of Cape Town is the picturesque estate of Avondale. Well known for their wines and summer picnics designed by Chef Matt Manning, the estate has become everyone must stop on their up and coming summer passport through the wine route.  

With a glass of Avondale’s finest in hand, we made our way through to the restaurant. Faber is the brainchild of Head Chef Eric Bulpitt, who’s mission statement reads as follows, “our mission is simply to make all our guests at Faber happy.” I knew we would be in for quite a treat.  

The decor is warm country elements with old world touches that bring in the rich history of the estate, the plant boxes bringing in the element of nature that are  the rolling hills that sprawl in front of the estate. Light wooden textures, glass planters and an open kitchen makes you feel as though you have a front row seat into the creative mind of Eric and his team. 

The ingredients are responsibly sourced and careful thought is put into each dish. The seasonality of each element on the plate and use of the estates resources are testimony to Avondale’s organic and responsibly sustainability-driven restaurant focused on supporting organic, free range and low carbon producers.

Chef Eric stood over each of the chef’s section making sure that the vision he had emulated in each of the components that they produced. Watching the plating of each of the ingredients was like watching an artist and his canvas. Each brush stoke for a purpose…each ingredient adding a special taste to the full roundness of the dish. 

Our menu was designed for the showcase of the estate and we were delighted in the flavours, tasting notes of each dish and over all presentation that went into creating a meal like this. 

The menu changes seasonally, however you can check the link before booking by clicking the following link:   

Although I was invited as a guest, all the views and opinions expressed are my own and I can not wait to visit again soon to see what inspiration the new season’s menu will bring.  



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