Wonderfontein and Paul Rene

The Wonderfontein Estate was established in 1884 to the proud Marias legacy. Today you can experience wines that have taken five generations of cultivation into what it is today.  Elegant easy drinking wines that wine snobs and newer wine drinkers can enjoy.

Driving into the estate the perfectly manicured vineyards stretch as far as the eye can see and the team believe that environmentally friendly viticulture is a strong practice in creating this experience.


We were greeted with open arms and very hot coffee, the perfect way to begin any early morning wine experience. Today promised to be a day of firsts, and that is exactly what the aim was. The team at Wonderfontein believe that your wine drinking experience should be different to all the many other wine farms in the region.



As this was a media tour, we were the guinea pigs in an exciting new project that the owner Paul Marais, daughter Monica wanted to share with us. With such an incredibly strong wine making legacy in the family she and her husband Henk play vital roles in wanting to create a unique experience for all. This is when she decided to share her love of laser printing with the public.

We entered into her inspiring studio space and I immediately knew we were in for an exciting first time experience.



There are a few steps to this process:

  1. Choose your fabric colour
  2. Choose your preferred colour paint that you want to use on your fabric
  3. Choose a stencil that you want on your fabric.
  4. Begin painting over your stencil onto the fabric
  5. Allow to dry outside in the sun for a few minutes
  6. Pour the barley into the grooves of the material
  7. Monica will sow it up for you and then you have your very own printed bean bag!!!


After a detailed demonstration by Monica it was our turn to try this process and make our very own creations…


Choosing my stencil took the longest, but once I had completed this process and my bean bag had being laying out in the warm Robertson sun it was time for the fun part of adding in the barley grains…I am not sure if this answers the age old question, how many people does it take to fill one bean bag…haha


After a fun team building exercise we were very proud of the creations that lay before us. Each persons idea lay before us, it is a fun way to learn from one other and help others out. Definitely worth the experience plus I have my very own home made and specially printed bean bag!

We were then escorted to their private lounge and if I had followed my main sense I would have found it. The table was beautifully laid out for us with fresh homemade salads and of course a MCC tasting experience that was different to the many I have done in the past.

It didn’t consist of me standing with six glasses in from of me with a page to make tasting notes, a spittoon and maybe a cracker or two.




After tucking into the salads and feeling very creative after a fun morning of arts and crafts, farmer and bubbly producer Henk guided us through the MCC Tasting. Another unique experience about this tasting is that you didn’t only get to taste the finish product but at the different stages before the finished product that takes 36 months.

A really interesting way of showcasing how MCC is taken from grape juice to unpalatable sour juice to the finished fine bubbled MCC that Paul Rene has become famous for.

Paul Rene MCC BRUT is made from 100% chardonnay grapes, hand picked in the early hours of the morning and then chilled overnight. The grapes are passed into the press before being crushed. This is the beginning of a 3-year journey of detailed planning and careful attention to create a vintage of the famous Paul Rene MCC BRUT. Each bottle is fermented for no less than 20 months on the lees, which creates a vibrant mousse, Apricot and Granny Smith Apple freshness, with a fine bubble & perfectly dry finish.


It is not hard to see why there must be something great in the terroir of the region situated close to the famous wine route. Pop in (excuse the pun) and enjoy a glass of bubbles while packing a further 2 or 3 bottles in for the journey ahead.

If you are interested in the experiences or visiting the estate, you can by clicking the following link to find out more: http://paulrenemcc.co.za/

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