Pureology’s Award-Winning Strength Cure Range Returns to South Africa

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Pureology, the esteemed hair care brand celebrated for its groundbreaking and efficacious products, is thrilled to declare the re-introduction of its beloved and globally lauded Strength Cure range to South Africa. Revered for its capacity to strengthen and mend damaged hair, all while safeguarding colour, the Strength Cure collection has earned widespread acclaim and unwavering customer devotion on a global scale.

Formulated with a dedication to plant-based ingredients and exquisite fragrances, the Strength Cure range showcases the potent plant-based protein Keravis, known for its hair-strengthening properties. Moreover, infused with the antioxidant Astaxanthin, revered for its reparative abilities, the range becomes an optimal selection for individuals desiring hair revitalisation.

A notable highlight of the Strength Cure range lies in its enchanting fragrance profile, melding the sweetness of Raspberry and Peach with the freshness of Water Flowers. This harmonious blend delivers an invigorating and revitalising experience with each application.


The benefits of using the Strength Cure range are manifold, including:

– Repairing damage and fortifying hair strands
– Enhancing strength and softness
– Protecting hair from future damage
– Utilising a 100% Vegan Formula
– Providing colour protection with the patented Antifade Complex


Additionally, the Strength Cure range offers two key products:

A gentle, rich-lather shampoo that fortifies and helps repair damaged, colour-treated hair. This shampoo is designed for all hair types and textures, offering effective repair for damage caused by heat styling, physical wear and tear, or overprocessing.

A gentle, rich-lather conditioner that complements the shampoo by fortifying and repairing damaged, colour-treated hair. This conditioner delivers instant results, leaving hair softer, healthier, and more resilient after just one use.

“We are thrilled to bring back the Strength Cure range to South Africa, offering our customers a powerful solution for repairing and fortifying their hair,” said David Bolon, General Manager for L’Oréal Professional Products Division. “With its proven effectiveness, luxurious fragrances, and commitment to sustainability, the Strength Cure range exemplifies Pureology’s dedication to providing high-quality hair care products.”

The Pureology Strength Cure range is available from leading hair salons and
online stores.

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