My Two Must-Haves For A Great Self-Care Routine

My Two Must-Haves For A Great Self-Care Routine

I am a huge self-care promoter. Just a few minutes each day can transform your skin, mental health and confidence. What’s even better is that is does not have to cost a fortune. I have compiled my two must-have items that you need for any self-care pamper night.

The skin you look after today, is the skin you wear tomorrow. This is what makes skincare so important to include in your daily self-care routine. There is a HUGE skincare market and of course it can seem very intimidating, but it does not have too. Choice has a selection of gorgeous skincare products for you to indulge in, and whats more…they cost between R9,99 and R14,99.

Staying hydrated is vital for your skin. It promotes clear skin while keeping your body functioning at its prime.

The second must-have item for a relaxing self-care is a comfortable yet luxurious set of pjs. These satin pjs come in two colour ways. The fun and vibrant spotty satin set as well as a gorgeous blush set for the ultimate feminine.

I would love to hear about the two must-haves you need for your self-care routine. Happy pampering!

Megan Pedro
Megan Pedro

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