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Situated in the heart of the bustling up and coming business district, Chefs is the newest IT SPOT! On the corner of St Johns Street in Gardens you will not miss this new landmark that has people queuing to see whats on the menu that day.

Chefs promises to serve new innovative meals each day and even though there are three menu items served daily…good luck choosing which you will be tucking into! My suggestion is take along two friends so you can have one of each and share, that might be the only way around it!


As you walk into the restaurant you are immediately welcomed with smiles from the open canteen style kitchen. Its clean, unpretentious and creates a new ambiance that hasn’t been done in the mother city yet.

A waiter-less system allows you to place your order from an Ipad while scrolling through the options of the day. Gorgeous images and irresistible smells wafting from the kitchen makes the choice very hard but its worth it once you decide.






Whether you are coming in for a quick lunch break, a girls catch up or a dinner date with a difference, the canteen style allows for communal dining and is a great way to sit and meet new people and bond over the incredible flavours, new concept and one of a kind dishes that Chef Jenny puts her heart into each day. Very rarely do you have speedy service that doesn’t compromise on taste and flavour, however they do this to ensure that you can run in and out with a well balanced flavourful meal before your lunch break is over.



Chef Jenny heads up the kitchen and the small team that makes each dish fresh from the most seasonal and locally sourced ingredients everyday. Coming from the incredible Bistrot Bizerca, you can taste the freshness and thought that goes into each dish and its accompaniments. I have always grown up with a tapas style way of eating, a little bit of this with a smear or two of this homemade sauce…maybe thats why this feels so homely to me!


Wood fire cooking is one of her passions and you can taste it in various elements on the trays each day. Another passion is creating various pickles and preserves that are added to dishes to bring out its natural flavours. Many of these elements are made in the restaurant fresh which instills really important skills and a love for each element that makes up your tray.

I was lucky enough to arrive when the chefs were preparing the preserved lemons. One of my favourite processes in the kitchen to watch that I witnessed time and time again in Eastern European kitchens and restaurants.





Each dish is garnished with a few different elements from freshly made sauces, slices of toasted bread from the wood burning oven to perfectly placed micro herbs that all add to the final well rounded dish. The tuna is sliced to order, the lamb is placed into the oven for hours, the chicken is marinaded with a punchy sauce before being charred to absolute perfection and salads are tossed in Asian style dressings before being carefully placed onto the tray. There isn’t a missing element when the  tray arrives at your table.




Sitting right in front of the kitchen allows you to see the bustling energy that erupts every time an order comes through. Not a frantic run around, rather a joy off the chefs plating and preparing another famous specialty. Each meal which ranges between R120 – R160 is served with still or sparkling water or a specially infused lemonade, iced tea or drink of the day. Today I enjoyed the Hibiscus infused lemonade which complimented my Asian style tuna tartar PERFECTLY!



Follow Chefs on Instagram @chefs.ct and tag your culinary experience or visit their website everyday to see whats on there menu each day by clicking the following link:

Each day they post the three dishes that you can choose from which makes it easy for you to pick the dish before arriving at the restaurant.



So if you managed to decide between the three delicious options of the day and make it to dessert be sure that with one scrumptious dessert option its the perfect way to round off your meal. Made fresh daily, each element carries on the same theme of freshness, thoughtful preparation and flavour in the form of their many homemade ice creams, sorbets, homemade cookies or other fabulous treats since opening in October 2016.


Chefs opens everyday from 12:00pm till 20:00pm so they are the perfect spot for a speedy pop in and go lunch or a dinner experience with a difference. Having recently gotten their liquor license you can now enjoy a chilled glass of white wine, full bodied red wine or a selection of beers on tap.

Try it, you may not need another lunch spot again!!

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