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Welcome to The Mood! I’m Megan Pedro, a stylist whose journey began with food styling for iconic South African brands like Vida e Cafe and Carrol Boyes as well as many of your favourite magazine titles. From crafting mood boards to curating visual stories across fashion, food, homeware, and beauty, my passion shines through. Catch me sharing all my homeware tips for Woolworths on Expresso, and here at The Mood, find inspiration, style tips, and all you need for a beautifully curated life. Whether it’s elevating your wardrobe, finding your style, transforming your space, or perfecting your makeup and skincare, dive in and get in The Mood with me!

Prefers: Fresh mornings to late evenings, wintery days in Cape Town, black chic clothing, a classic wardrobe to trendy pieces, Travelling the globe and being immersed in other cultures, Saturdays best spent at farmers markets and touring interior design spaces, an at home pamper session, date nights with my husband spent dancing and cooking in our kitchen, my Scottish terrier Nessie, fresh flowers to brighten my kitchen, many MANY candles, chunky gold jewellery, red lipstick, hosting delicious gatherings, styling and photographing over writing a recipe, MCC, inspiring interior spaces, my home cloffice (walk in wardrobe office space) and cheese boards for dessert.

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These are the countries I have visited

Traveling is my passion, an exhilarating journey that has taken me across continents, immersing me in diverse cultures and traditions. From swimming with stingrays in the crystal-clear waters of the Bahamas to wandering among ancient ruins in Europe’s historic cities, and tasting my way through the tantalizing flavours of the Far East, each adventure has left an indelible mark on my soul. With every destination, I embrace the opportunity to broaden my horizons, expand my understanding of the world, and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

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